As we enter this unprecedented NFL season, two fans of rival teams are trying to make the most of it. And they just happen to be next door neighbors. Hey, since most teams aren't allowing fans in the stands, we got to keep the fun alive somehow?

Michael Mansfield has been lifelong fan of the Buffalo Bills, Even after their Super Bowl loses, and even after many years out of the playoffs, he still loves his team. So when Eric Jensen moved next door and instantly out up a New York Jets flag, Mansfield said "it was on" . WHAM says Mansfield decided to show his Bills love by painting his house red, white, and blue, which are the team colors.

I didn’t think he was actually going to do it like this, but it looks good and we’ll have to find something else to do now.

Mansfield, a Bloomfield N.Y. resident, said that there have been many cars who pass who honk their horns in support. This probably has staggered Jensen, the Jets fan, who vows to out up even more Jets gear. But the rivalry remains friendly. Mansfield said he hope the horns don't stop the Bills win a Super Bowl.

After all, the Bills Mafia is known fo their loyalty. Ever been thrown through a table?

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