This is a birthday that won't soon be forgotten.

New York State Troopers have been known to go above and beyond the call of duty. Recently, two Hudson Valley officers showed just how far they're willing to go to protect and serve by rolling up their sleeves to assist a motorist who was giving birth.

This isn't the first time state troopers have helped someone give birth. In 2017 Kristi and Adrian Koppenhaffer were on their way to the hospital when their baby decided it was coming right then and there. After a call to 911, officers arrived where the car had pulled over on I-87 and helped them give birth to a healthy baby girl.

Facebook/New York State Police
Facebook/New York State Police

This time, another woman and her husband found themselves in a similar situation. While racing down I-87 to the hospital in White Plains they realized that the labor was advancing quicker than they could get to the hospital so they pulled over and desperately called for assistance.

Troopers Peter J. Kunka and Junior A. Galvez quickly arrived on the scene to help when they realized the baby would be coming before that ambulance could arrive. Officer Galvez jumped in and helped the woman successfully deliver her baby. The mother and new baby were transported to White Plains Hospital where both were reportedly "healthy and well."

While being born on the side of the road is a pretty cool story to tell people for the rest of your life, doing it during a global pandemic with the assistance of a state trooper makes this tale even more fantastic. Congratulations to the new parents and the state troopers who were able to turn this scary moment into a happy ending.

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