Well, that did not go as planned.

According to New York State Police, one of their troopers struck a Town of Newburgh police officer on Route 300 in Newburgh on Sunday evening. The state police vehicle was traveling south in the right-hand lane while the Town of Newburgh Police vehicle was also traveling close behind in the passing lane.

That's when the state police officer claims they noticed someone in the northbound lanes in violation of traffic laws and decided to cut across both lanes to make a U-turn.  Unfortunately, the Town of Newburgh police officer was in the way and got smashed on the passenger side of the vehicle.

The Town of Newburgh officer sustained an ankle injury and the NY State Police officer was hurt in the shoulder. Both officers were transported to St. Luke's hospital and released.

The accident is being investigated. As for the speeding car that was traveling in the opposite direction, they apparently got away with it.