In one of the week's odder stories, a New York man is reportedly suing the Hershey Company because he claims their product caused heart problems.

Fox News says the 73 year-old Manhattan man has consumed one regular size bag of black licorice-flavored Twizzlers a week for a number of years. Now, he's claiming the snack gave him atrial fibrillation.

The man claims in his suit that he has always been a "healthy individual who is not obese” and “has never had any heart conditions". It is unclear what the rest of his diet consists of, or how much he may have smoke or drank over he years.

The man says the bags of black licorice never had any warnings that they could lead to heart disease.

While it may sound strange, the FDA has actually warned in 2017 that adults over 40 who consistently consume more than two ounces of black licorice a day can develop heart problems over time. Mental Floss says the reason for this is a natural sweetening compound called glycyrrhizin. Too much glycyrrhizin can affect potassium levels in the body, as well as causing high blood pressure and even heart problems. 

CBS also reported on this in 2017:

Of course, black licorice is probably one of the most polarizing candy in the world, with seemingly half the people loving it and other half absolutely hating it.