A bridge in New York state that has been reportedly struck by vehicles a number of times, just got hit again.

What is highly ironic about this story is that the bridge appears to have been struck by one of the vehicles that were en route to help provide maintenance for the area. According to police, the driver of the vehicle wasn't very honest with them about what exactly happened at first.

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The New York State Department of Transportation had previously told NewsChannel 9 that this low clearance bridge has been struck 28 times since 2020.

New York DOT Truck Hits Bridge and Gets Stuck 

The Post Standard, with information from the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office, says that a state DOT contractor vehicle struck the Onondaga Lake Parkway Monday. A spokesperson for the state DOT said that the vehicle was en route to set up a work zone for DOT crews to replace the paneling on the bridge when the accident occurred.

The Sheriff's Office says that while the DOT vehicle was going under 10 MPH when it collided with the railroad bridge, it still ended up getting stuck under it leading to a rather embarrassing situation.

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More Vehicles Hit This Bridge Over Any Other One in NY State...And It's Here in the Hudson Valley

According to the Greenwich Time, the King Street Bridge on the border of Rye Brook, NY and Greenwich, CT., where the Hutch becomes the Merritt Parkway, has been struck more times than any other bridge in the state of New York.

The Times said in 2019 that the bridge has been struck almost 150 times in just the past ten years.

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