We're all understandably getting tired of the snow and ice, but there's a way to go about removing it. And then, there's this. Police are saying a New Jersey man allegedly poured gasoline over his lawn and set fire to it to remove all the snow and ice. NJ.com says that police and the local fire department responded when the incident happened Friday evening in Midland Park. The Bergen County Hazmat Unit then had to be called in to get all the gasoline out of the man's yard. Duh.

He thought a good idea would be to dump some gasoline on and light it on fire,

One police Lieutenant says he has never been called for something like this before. There's always a first time. Needless to say, this is quite dangerous and frankly quite stupid  Fortunately, the flames did not spread far, though a neighbor could smell part of the yard burning and then quickly called police, according to NJ.com. 

As we learned when we were all young, fire isn't something to be played with. But you'll still sometimes hear about people carelessly resorting to using fire to melt snow and ice during the winter months. But then, there are others who will set fires for even stranger reasons. In this particular case, spiders. A Seattle area man actually burned down his own house just trying to kill a spider by setting it on fire. There might actually be a few folks out there who sympathize with this man's plight as well.

Then, there was this guy, who actually ended up setting fire to a good portion of downtown Cohoes in late 2017, just by imitating something he saw on television. You may also remember this incident from 2016, where a naked man attempted to set a fire to a house, only to set himself on fire instead. And last we not forget this dope, who set his own restaurant on fire in Astoria, only to be outed by the very surveillance system he, himself, installed.

You get the picture. Please be careful.