According to a study, non-stick frying pans can make your sausage shrink.

A new study has found that a chemical found in non-stick frying pans, and fast-food wrappers may have an impact on endowment, resulting in smaller ding dongs.

The research took place in Italy, and found that those who had been exposed to perfluoroalkyl compounds, also referred to as PFC's have significantly smaller 'eggplants' than those who hadn't, as well as lower semen quality.

You find PFC's primarily used as a water or oil repellants in cookware and textiles. For an unknown reason, males are more likely to accumulate this chemical in their bodies.

Researchers examined 383 male high school students, including 212 who had been exposed to PFCs. Blood was taken to measure sexual hormones, examined semen samples, and yes...took meaurements, including length, circumference, and testicular volume.

According to New York Post, the chemical did have an effect of the test subjects. Those not exposed to PFCs had an average length of 3.94 inches, and an average of 3.44 inches for those that were exposed to PFCs.