Something great could go here in Orange County and it could utilize the empty space.

The other day I was heading to brunch in Newburgh and I was checking out the area and looking around. I noticed that there's a pretty big empty building space that seems like the perfect spot for a new place to open up.

I get it, sometimes people are afraid to go somewhere where someone else already has been, but it does seem like a shame that this building is just sitting here.

What empty building is in Newburgh, NY?

The building is located on 310 Robinson Avenue in Newburgh - a perfect spot not far off the highway and a lot of traffic goes by, including my car at least once a week. The big sign in front of the building said Youngest Brother Italian Restaurant and it looks like it was a cool restaurant at one time.


I was looking at some of the previous reviews and they had some pretty great ones:

  • "Best Take-out Italian Restaurant in Orange County. Every single thing on the menu is delicious. Always fresh, flavorful, and reasonably priced. The staff are warm and friendly. Try the bruschetta, it’s incredible. I love this place!"- R. Feliciano
  • "Don’t let the appearance discourage you from going. I would have never guessed this place would be so wonderful. We went for pasta night every mon/wed and boy it’s a great deal! The food was delicious and perfect. If your looking for Italian food I suggest going here and trying their pasta and for an appetizer we had no regular calamari, it contained tomato, cheese, dressing, and salad. Words couldn’t describe how amazing the food was. We were very pleased!"- Amanda
  • "Best baked ziti I’ve ever had. Only $14 for a giant portion"- Jess

Sounds like they had a good run in Newburgh.

It's sad Youngest Brother Italian Restaurant had to close down, but now this space is ready for the next person.

What do you think should occupy the empty space and should come to Newburgh? Share your answer with us on the station app.

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