There are plenty of songs written about New York, Chicago and even Boston. But an original song about Newburgh? It's finally happened.

Before feeling honored, you should know that the song was written and performed by a man named Matt Farley.  Farley has used over 70 different aliases, including "The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities And Towns" to write and perform over 18,000 songs. The song titled "Newburgh is a Nice City" is just one of several songs written about towns in the Hudson Valley.

If you don't live in the city, don't worry; there's also an entire song about the TOWN of Newburgh.

And if that's not enough, Farley has penned another masterpiece entitled "Oh Warwick" that includes the lyrics: "I love Warwick, I love the annual apple fest... yummy apples in Warwick."

Another song titled "Monroe is a New York Town That is a Nice Place to Spend Time in" doesn't actually say too much about Monroe besides how wonderful it is, with a fleeting reference to the "cheese festival".

"Middletown, Good City" claims Middletown, New York has "so much stuff going down" like "cruisin' on route 84."

"Best Song about Kingston, New York" seems to have been written with a little more Wikipedia research, referencing both the "stockade district" the "The Rondout."

Plenty of other songs are available at The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities And Towns' official YouTube channel.

According to his website, these songs are all part of a diabolical plan to make $1 Million. Farley has created an 8-hour Spotify playlist containing 300 of his songs with searchable titles such as local towns and famous names. Farley earns $1.50 each time someone listens to it, so he's hoping that will eventually turn into a profit of over $1 Million dollars.

What if he doesn't reach his goal? Farley claims that if his music career is still unsuccessful by 2018 he will officially retire. Here's hoping he reaches his goal and keeps cranking out the hits. Who knows, perhaps a Wappingers Falls or New Windsor song will be up next.

If you're wondering where the Poughkeepsie song is, don't fret. There's actually quite a few popular songs that are about Poughkeepsie, or at least mention the Queen city. You can hear them all on this page.