The future is coming to New York and it's a world with no wallet necessary.

More and more states across the country are starting to roll out mobile driver's licenses. Instead of having a physical ID, drivers have the option to securely store their licenses on their smartphones.

While this is a big change for people who've spent their lives with a physical ID, it does make a lot of sense. Credit cards are quickly becoming a thing of the past as most purchases can be made by simply tapping your phone to pay. During the pandemic, proof of vaccination was made through a digital passport that also lived on your smartphone. So, why not have your license on your phone as well?

Utah Tests Mobile Drivers License Pilot Program
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According to, New York DMV Commissioner Mark Schroeder revealed that the state is planning to implement mobile driver's licenses later this year. It's unclear exactly how the digital ID will work, but other states that have already launched mobile licenses have made the process to switch over quite simple.

In Utah and Maryland, drivers can simply scan their physical license, verify their identity and store the digital copy on their smartphones. Businesses can then get special license readers that verify someone's identity with a simple tap and view of the screen.

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Some have raised privacy concerns over digital licenses, but technology experts say that storing a license on a secure smartphone is way safer than having a physical card that can be lost or taken from someone's wallet. Apple Pay has already proven to be a much more secure way of making a payment, allowing customers to keep their actual credit card numbers private and eliminating the possibility of card skimming or an unscrupulous cashier copying the information.

Utah Tests Mobile Drivers License Pilot Program
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Of course, the digital licenses would be optional as all drivers would be issued a physical license. Once fully adopted, however, drivers would be able to leave their physical license at home as long as their phone was with them. With no credit cards or licenses to worry about, many New Yorkers may soon be able to leave the house without having to worry about remembering their wallet.

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