The NY Daily News is reporting that state troopers saved a group of over one hundred puppies from an overturned truck.

The accident happened earlier this week near the town of Avoca in Steuben County. The driver was reportedly speeding when she lost control of the truck. As of now, there is no word whether or not the driver will be charged.


The Troopers, along with a tow truck company, were thankfully able to pull all the dogs from the wreckage.

ABC News says that eighty six of the puppies were brought to the Finger Lakes SPCA. The rest were being cared for at the Bath Veterinary Hospital. Two puppies suffered serious, but non life threatening injuries. One puppy suffered a fractured jaw and another who had a fractured. Police say that the other dogs suffered minor injuries and were treated.

The Finger Lakes SPCA said on their website that they were caring for a large number of animals and that they expected to return the puppies to their owner who is from Missouri..

The SPCA said that the animals came from a "puppy mill". They did say however that there were no signs of abuse or cruelty.

Definitely a very valiant effort from NY state police and the other rescuers. Hopefully, these pups all find loving homes!