Walmart's motto is "Save people money so they can live better". Now, we're not quite sure what the person involved in this particular story's intentions were, but it's safe to assume their not living their best life right about now. WKTV is reporting that a 49 year-old man has been accused of stealing lotion and women's underwear from a New York state Walmart. What's really raising some eyebrows is the fact that this man is a New York state trooper. Or maybe, was a state trooper.

A state police spokesperson says the suspect allegedly stole the items from a Walmart store in Oneida. NY. While the store declined to press charges, an internal investigation was launched by state police into the matter. The trooper had been suspended without pay since mid-April, according to WKTV, and has now decided to take retirement.

This all leaves some very pressing questions. Who were these items for, and what did he intend to do with them? Were they gifts for a wife or girlfriend perhaps? If so, you think he'd aim a little higher and head to Victoria's Secret or some other store for better underwear instead of Walmart? Or on the other hand, maybe the underwear and special rub-on lotion was all for himself? Yikes. What to believe?

In other news, you may have heard the story of the New York State Police and the case of missing rifle? CBS says that the Rock River AR-15 went missing  March 16 on Route 9, prompting officials to reach out to the public for answers and information on its whereabouts, Police say the semi-automatic rifle was finally returned about three weeks later, still intact in its black nylon carrying case. The Post Star is reporting that a resident in the area found the missing rifle the day it was lost on the road. According to officials, the resident said they didn't know they were in possession of police property at the time and later returned. There are still not a lot of details at this time, but state police said that an investigation continues.