One of the last things you would expect as you sit in your own home is for a vehicle to go off-road and hit your house.

This is exactly what happened early Sunday morning when an allegedly intoxicated driver lost control of their vehicle and hit a house in New York state. It didn't end there though. Before being done, this 60-year-old driver ended up crashing his vehicle into a nearby body of water, as well as racking up a number of charges according to police.

WHAM says the man somehow failed to navigate an intersection and went off-road early Sunday morning. From there, he hit a house in Edgemere before half submerging his vehicle in a channel of water. First responders were able to pull the man from the vehicle safely. But while the suspect was uninjured during the crash, he is now facing charges such as Driving While Intoxicated as a designated offense for a previous conviction within 10 years, and Aggravated Unlicensed Operation.

There is no word if anyone was in the house, or if the structure faced serious damage.

Cars Hitting Homes  

A somewhat similar case happened around a year ago when another vehicle left the road and smashed into a house. WHAM is reporting that the alleged drunk driver went off the road and struck two parked cars in the town of Clarkson one night in April 2021.

The driver's off-road adventure then ended when they and the vehicle they were operating went smashing into a nearby house. WHAM reports that the impact even caused a gas leak after a gas meter was damaged after the crash. The driver suffered minor injuries, according to police. There is no word if anyone was in the house at the time of the crash.

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