Police say a New York state man lead officials on a high speed chase through a main route. The vehicle chase came to a dramatic end when police say the suspect's truck went off the road and overturned.

However, the 40-yeear-old suspect from Massena wasn't done running.

According to Rosenblum Law, a first New York speeding ticket conviction can carry fines between $90 and $600. Specifically, it will cost $45-$150 for speeding 1 mph to 10 mph over the limit; $90-$300 for speeding 11 mph to 30 mph over the limit; and $180- $600 for speeding over 31 mph over the limit.

State and County Police Pursue Suspect in Wild Chase 

The New York State Police said in a press release that troopers saw a Ford truck traveling on Route 52, in the town of Lawrence at a high rate of speed late Friday night.

State police say when they attempted to pull the vehicle over, the suspect had other ideas and fled. Now, the pursuit was on.

Dmitriy Eremenkov
Dmitriy Eremenkov

The chase lasted for about 12 miles when it came to an end near the intersection of Highway 458 and Dave Mills Road. The driver of the Ford F250 took a bad turn, sending the truck off the road and then overturning, says officials.

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However, when troopers responded to the overturned truck, the driver was nowhere to be found.

State police say the suspect fled by foot into the nearby woods. State and County police said they called in the K9 units, making this a foot pursuit. Authorities say the suspect was spotted later the following morning walking along the highway.

The suspect was identified, arrested, and charged with fleeing an officer in a motor vehicle 1st and received multiple vehicle and traffic tickets.

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