It is the announcement the Air Show enthusiast have waited for all summer, Yes, the New York International Air Show will be happening and will be held in a new location this year with a Drive In seating format.

The New York International Air show received word earlier this week that they will be able to hold the annual air show on August 29th and 30th. They have moved the Air show to Orange County Airport in Montgomery, New York and are currently working on notifying ticket holders about the new arrangement.

Like other events this summer the air show was left "up in the air" until it was decided this week that their proposal to hold the show at with a drive in seating format was approved by the New York State Governor's office.

As you can imagine this has caused a lot of conversations on social media. Some people are thrilled it will be able to happen, while others are concerned that the show being moved from Stewart International Airport will cause problems and result in a smaller show. Air Show officials have stated on the Facebook that Orange County Airport offers plenty of space for the show and is better suited to the drive in seating.

I love seeing the planes flying through the valley as they ready for the show each year. Last year I was working in New Paltz on the morning of the show and was delighted to see one of the Air Force Jets circle the village and fly off up the ridge toward Kingston. I am a jet junkie.


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