There have been commercials about the new show for weeks, and you can finally check out the first episode of People Of Earth.

People Of Earth is a comedy set in the Hudson Valley town of Beacon, based around a reporter doing a story on a group of alien abductees, who meet for their support group at a local church.

I already caught the first episode, so I'm not going to drop any spoilers. BUT apparently there is more than one type of alien, car accidents with animals are a coverup for abductions, and reptilian aliens are VERY self confident.

It's a pretty funny show so far, and just in case you were curious, it is filmed in Ontario. NOT BEACON. But there is a giant map on a chalkboard which shows a pretty accurate map of the local area. I'm curious if they're going to show any other local spots in the HV.

If you've got 23 minutes, you can check out the first full episode below: