You may have heard in September that after 68 years Dunkin Donuts was dropping the "donuts" and becoming simply Dunkin'.

However, the change didn't happen overnight. The famous chain had announced in January that they were rolling out their first new concept store in Quincy, MA...the same town where the first Dunkin Donuts opened in 1950. According to their website, Dunkin' promised their new wave of stores would feature a modern atmosphere and new and innovative technologies and design elements.

A number of these new concept stores have been popping up around the U.S. since early 2018. Now one of the first in the area is opening in Hartsdale.

LoHud is reporting that the new store has opened near the Hartsdale train station. Some of the first things you'll notice are a newer, sleeker look, plus easier and more efficient ways customers can place and pick up their orders.

And while there are certainly plenty of changes and new items to the menu, you'll still find many of the same old favorites that made it one of America's most popular fast food chains.

This is indeed a sign of the future, as by 2019, all remaining Dunkin Donuts stores will begin the transition to the newer, simpler Dunkin' brand.

LoHud also says the new store has a special community day planned for Saturday, November 17.

As everyone knows, people take their doughnuts (or maybe in this story's case..."donits") very seriously. From August 2016: