Netflix junkies, rejoice! There's something new to binge, and it will have you talking as much as last year's "Making a Murderer" and 2016's "Stranger Things" combined.

"The OA," an 8-chapter series that, from the trailer, seems to be part "Gone Girl" and part "ET," is one of Netflix's newest sci-fi mystery shows leaving viewers with jaws dropped and more questions than answers after its shocking conclusion. But unlike "Stranger Things," what makes this show special is not its nostalgic costumes or camera shots—it's just its weird and at-times confusing plot.

Viewers have been ripping through the episodes ever since the show's release on Dec. 16, and fans have been piecing together where the show was filmed even though no official list of filming locations has been released. It seems as though many scenes were actually shot in New York. Here are a few:

The Neighborhood 

According to Atlas of Wonders, the neighborhood where most of the kids and Prairie live is actually located in Central Valley, NY, in a place called Woodbury Junction.

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

The High School

Atlas of Wonders also claims that the high school the kids attend and where the grueling series finale takes place (no spoilers!) is also in Woodbury Junction. The Photo News confirmed that filming took place in the Monroe-Woodbury Senior High School for four days last March.

High school students who were interested in the film industry were encouraged to apply to be extras in the shoot.

Prairie's Trip to NYC

Scenes from Prairie's adventure to New York City show the Statue of Liberty in the background, as well as a shot of her playing the violin in a New York City subway. The oyster bar where she sits down and talks to Dr. Happ about her life is also shot in New York City.

Groton Bridge
Credit: Netflix

The Bridge of The Initial Bus Crash

The scene in Russia where The OA is in a bus filled with children that crashes, allegedly by an intended assassination plot, was shot at the Croton Dam Bridge in Croton Gorge Park in Cortlandt, NY, according to On Set Hollywood. You can see the bridge here.

Both On Set and Atlas of Wonders have speculated that many more scenes, including all of the "underground lab" scenes, were shot in studios in New York as well. Other scenes, including some of the Russian back story and Dr. Happ's time abroad, were shot overseas.

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