Suddenly my neighborhood is quiet again. Hmmm. What’s different? I’ll tell you what’s different. Marist students have gone home for the summer. And there are no lines to get into house parties, no drunken kids loudly walking back to their dorms from the bars. I know that there are people reading this that think I’m a “Karen”, but they probably don’t live near a college.

Hear me out… I was once a college student and I could party with the best of them, but I still had respect for people. I was never destructive and I was never rude. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to fix my front fence over the years because it was broken by college students stumbling by my house in the middle of the night. Or how many red solo cups I’ve had to pick up because it was easier for them to throw them in my yard than in a garbage can.

I’m sure that the parents of these kids are paying a pretty penny for their education. But you’ve got to educate your kids before you send them off to college. Teach them not to be rude. Teach them that it’s not okay to scream and yell, even in fun, at 3 in the morning while walking through a neighborhood. Teach them to be respectful of other people’s things. That pushing each other into a fence is not a fun game, and it’s going to cost money to fix. Let them know that you would probably not tolerate such behavior in your neighborhood, so don’t do it in someone else’s.

I know that it’s probably a small percentage of college students that are behaving this way, but it seems as though all the ones that are acting badly are doing it in my neighborhood. Maybe that’s the price I have to pay for having a house that’s on the route from the bars to the Marist campus. Oh well. I think I’ll enjoy a little peace and quiet for the next couple of months. Sorry, Marist students, but Ithe neighborhood won’t miss you at all.

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