New year, new launch. Rocket Lab launch date for NASA set.

We reported back in Dec. 22 about NASA's Wallops Facility on the Eastern Shore of Virginia launching Rocket Lab USA's first Electron Rocket with possible visibility from the Hudson Valley. The launch was reportedly scrubbed several times due to issues like poor weather conditions,  and is now scheduled for a new 2023 date.

Fingers crossed, the launch of the 59 foot Electron rocket with the mission named "Virginia is for Launch Lovers" will take place on Monday, Jan. 23 at 6pm. It will deploy radio frequency monitoring satellites for HawkEye 360.The launch window for the mission is 6-8pm with subsequent back up launch days. NASA hopes that with the mission, they'' help foster a growing low-Earth space economy and continue Wallops' 35 year history of support to the commercial launch industry.

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The Hudson Valley May Get a Peek at Rocket Launch

Much like with the initial launch that was scheduled for Dec. 9, 2022,  this rescheduled launch may be visible to those in the Hudson Valley area, weather permitting. Also, a live launch webcast will be made available here about 40 minutes prior to the launch, so wherever you are in the world on Jan. 23, you'll be able to catch a glimpse of it.

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So set aside the evening of Monday, Feb. 23 for sky gazing, as you me bbe in for a treat and actually see a rocket flying high above.


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