Many are wondering what was seen floating down the Hudson River today.

If you have ever spent any time looking at the Hudson River you've probably witnessed a few things floating in the water. All jokes aside, the Hudson has many things floating in it but some are wondering what the moving object pictured below is.

Neil Zimbaldi/Facebook
Neil Zimbaldi/Facebook

Moving Object Spotted Floating in The Hudson River

A Facebook friend recently sent me a few pictures and a video of something he witnessed floating in the river early Monday morning on April 3rd. The mysterious object was seen floating south on the Hudson in the Marlboro area of Ulster County Monday and according to the friend who took the picture (video below) he said it looked like "a damn submarine". He told me he planned on trying to follow the object as far as he could down the river while he drove along Route 9W. He told me he followed into Newburgh, but couldn't locate it, "Nothing in Newburgh, nothing at Cornwall Yacht Club... headed to West Point now!!"

Neil Zimbaldi/Facebook
Neil Zimbaldi/Facebook

Is the Hudson Valley Being Spied On?

After really looking at the pictures and videos it does look like it could be some sort of underwater vessel. Could it be a submarine? With all of the "spying" reports we had over the last few months, with balloons and such, some are wondering if something is going on. What do you think?

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Other Hudson River Sightings

There have been numerous reports over the years of different things that have been "seen" in the river, things that aren't supposed to be there. In 2021 we had reports surface that the "LochNess Monster" (or a relative) was reportedly seen "bobbing and weaving" up and down the river. Far-fetched? Yes, but what is in the video below has many wondering if are we being spied on.

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