Sadly, Bob Marley died before he even hit 40. And today would have been his 74th birthday. So, today on My Lost Treasure, we celebrate the life of a great musician and a great man.

For some reason, I never got the chance to see Bob Marley in concert. I know that he played in Poughkeepsie, but I don't recall when, and I know I wasn't there. There is the possibility that by the time I really started appreciating Bob Marley and his music, it was too late. He died in 1981, and even though I knew a few of the more mainstream songs, I didn't know much. And it wasn't until years later that I realized how politically involved he was in his country.

I think this may be my all time favorite Bob Marley song. The melody, the message. Yup, it's my favorite. At least it is right now while I'm listening to it. Happy Birthday to Bob Marley wherever he may be. And, as always, thanks for all the great music.