The My Lost Treasure theme right now is up and down.  Today we have a double up song for you, and once again I have to say thank you to my facebook friend Matt Price for the idea.  That guy comes up with more songs than I do, and it's my feature.  And I appreciate it. Today's pick fits, because it's Bob Marley's birthday.  I could make this into a political thing, talk about how timely it is, blah, blah, blah.  I'd rather not.

Any time I play or hear Bob Marley I always thinks of my former coworker and friend Kricket.  We're still friends, at least on facebook. She loves Bob Marley.  She even has awesome dreadlocks.  I miss working with her.  She was fun, and she was the only other girl on the full time staff.  I am happy to say she is living happily in Florida with her family, and she is a gentle sleep coach and postpartum doula.

So, this one goes out to Kricket, Matt, and everybody else who loves Bob Marley. And, Bob, wherever you may be, happy birthday.