Believe it or not, we still have not run out of songs for our up and down theme.  I realize that I just played Bob Marley a couple of weeks ago on his birthday, but you hardly ever hear Bob Marley on the radio anymore.  That's why his songs are lost treasures.

As a kid I was more familiar with the Johnny Nash version of this song. He had a pretty big hit with it.  Johnny Nash covered a lot of Bob Marley songs.  I still love the Johnny Nash version, but most people have heard it.  I think he may have even had The Wailers playing with him. Today's lost treasure is the original from Bob Marley.

Boris and I are back tomorrow.  We'll be talking to a Hudson Valley tax expert, plus it's Ticked Off Tuesday and we'll be tasting another great beer of the week.  It sounds like a good way to get back to the grind.  Talk to you then.