three little birds

My Lost Treasure: Bob Marley
We are working on a size theme right now on My Lost Treasure. It's a pretty easy theme, because it is so broad. I think this one might last a while. Today we have another great "little" song.
Today's treasure is one of my favorite Bob Marley songs...
My Lost Treasure: Bob Marley and a Bonus
The theme we're working on right now is numbers.  And we're doing them in is day three.  Once again, I'm featuring not one, but two great three songs.
The first song is one of my favorites from Bob Marley.  And it's a song that gives me comfort when I&…
My Lost Treasure: Bob Marley
I had a hard time deciding which Bob Marley tune to feature...but this one always makes me feel here you go.  Enjoy it, I hope it makes you feel good, too.  Thanks for listening!