Okay, so recently I read that there was a job opening on a Greek island for a cat-communication specialist of sorts. It’s a paid job on the sea taking care of cats. What’s not to like? So I composed a little resume that I want to run by you. The five reasons they should hire me for this job.

  1. My boyfriend Bobby is actually a crazy cat lady. Sure I like cats, I even love them, but Bobby is seriously crazy about them. Not only are our two indoor cats spoiled, but the strays outside are spayed and very well fed. And loved. I think this qualifies me for the job.
  2. I’m pretty sure I am part Greek. I know I have all sorts of Mediterranean in me, and I think Greek is definitely included. That means I’m practically a native of Greece, so that makes me qualified.
  3. My friends love to travel, and this would be a perfect and new destination for them to visit. That would make me qualified and popular.
  4. I wouldn’t leave the bosses high and dry. I’m kind of old, so this would be the perfect job as I head into (yikes!) retirement years. And I’m too lazy to actively look for anything else. My dependability and loyalty to the job make me the right candidate.
  5. I like Greek food. You can keep the feta, but everything else I love. Greek olives, souvlaki, gyro, and a nice lemony chicken and orzo soup. Yes, please!

So, what do you think? Am I qualified? I think so. In fact, I’d say I’m the purr-fect candidate for the job!

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