Mr. Beast Burger has brought its viral sensation to the Mid-Hudson Valley, but you better hurry if you want to grab some of these wildly popular burgers.

If you haven't heard of Mr. Beast, he's one of YouTube's biggest stars. With almost 54 million subscribers, the channel is a global phenomenon, earning views and likes from all corners of the globe.

In December, Mr. Beast and his friends launched their own restaurant called Mr. Beast Burger. The business is run out of "ghost kitchens," utilizing existing restaurants to create the menu items and get them delivered to customers. The concept launched in December to a limited number of markets throughout the United States.

A Mr. Beast pop-up briefly came to the Hudson Valley in February but shut down just hours after launching. Joe's Dairy Bar in Hopewell Junction says they underestimated the popularity of the burgers when they agreed to sign on as a ghost kitchen. Within minutes their kitchen was completely overwhelmed, forcing them to quickly end the partnership. Those who were lucky enough to taste these incredible burgers have been desperately waiting for Mr. Beast to come back to the Hudson Valley.

Well, those fans of Mr. Beast Burger are now rejoicing. Magically, two new Hudson Valley locations have popped up on the ghost kitchen's mobile app. Customers in and around Poughkeepsie and Carmel can now order Mr. Beast Burger for delivery from two already established businesses.

The addresses given for the two new Mr. Beast Burger locations are on Taft Avenue in Poughkeepsie and Old Rt. 5 in Carmel. These two addresses belong to Spins Bowl locations. While the food will be made out of these kitchens, the recipes, ingredients and packaging all come from the Mr. Beast Burger chain.

If last time was any indication, we expect these new Mr. Beast Burger locations to be swamped with orders through the next few weeks. Our hope is that the brand sticks around for a long time, but forgive us if we're a bit nervous after what happened last time. If you want to try them, we suggest you do it now while you can. It'll also help if you are prepared to practice some patience because it's likely that in the first few days orders will be overwhelming. However, the wait will be well worth it. Just take a look at some of our favorite items from this wildly popular menu.

Mr. Beast Burger Invades the Hudson Valley