A new movie theater coming to the Hudson Valley is made for people who hate movie theaters.

There's a lot that's wrong with movie theaters. Number one on the list is having to watch movies with other people. Don't get me wrong, I like some people. It's just that they tend to be loud and obnoxious.  It's bad enough when unpleasant people are standing next to you in a store, or sitting at the table next to you at a restaurant, but when they're yapping away during an important plot point in a movie it's simply unforgiveable.

According to the Albany Business Review, a new movie theater is opening up in the Hudson Valley that's attempting to thwart everything we hate about seeing movies with other human beings. The number one ground-breaking improvement is that they don't allow crying babies in their theaters. In fact, no child under 17 is allowed at any movie unless accompanied by an adult.

The theater will also go above and beyond to thwart rule breakers. Instead of just a gentile reminder asking you to please turn off your phones and be quiet, this new theater will strictly enforce their ban on the use of cell phones during movies and patrons who talk once the film has started playing.

In addition to clearing away all of the distractions that turn the moviegoing experience from a fun time to the most annoying two hours of your life, the new theater will also offer beer and wine as well as mixed drinks. There will also be fresh, made to order food that includes appetizers and full entrees that can be ordered throughout the movie.

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So, what's the name of this magical movie theater? It's called Cosmic Cinemas and it's being run by Terrell Braly, who was the brains behind the Alamo Drafthouse chain of theaters. After selling that venture, Braly joined forces with Regal Entertainment to create Cinebarre theaters, which also incorporates dining and cocktails with the moviegoing experience. That business is now completely controlled by Regal, and now Braly is bringing his success in transforming the movie experience to Cosmic Cinemas. According to the Albany Business Review, the Hudson Valley's first location is scheduled to open up on May 18 in the Fairview Plaza in Hudson. It looks like it will take over the old location of the Fairview Cinema III.

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