July 4th weekend is just about here, we have a lot to make up for since we missed our big celebrations last year due to the pandemic. There are certain foods that Americans like to have on hand for the holiday, which ones are you serving this year?

We all know the standard items we'll see when we go to celebrate the fourth of July. We know there will be hot dogs, as Americans consume 150 million each fourth of July. We all know Joey Chestnut loves himself a hot dog or two, or 75 which is the record number of hot dogs he ate in ten minutes last year. We know we'll see burgers, some sort of fruit, chips, dips, and a whole bunch of alcohol, like barrels full.

For a full list of all the July 4th celebrations happening here in the Hudson Valley, click here. So what foods are Hudson Valley residents going to spend the most money on for their fourth of July celebrations? Let's find out.

Most Popular Foods Purchased For July 4th Celebrations

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