You're probably sick of hearing about cancellations and restrictions. Americans want to have fun, but peoples' definition of what they consider fun may vary greatly. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spend an average of over $2,900 a year on entertainment. As far as where to go for entertainment, places like Las Vegas, Orlando, New Orleans, and the Big Apple come to mind when planning a trip.

But what about some of the places that are lacking when it comes to fun and entertainment? Could some be here within our area? WalletHub compared more than 180 cities across the nation based on 65 key metrics when it comes to fun and recreation. This could range from everything from outdoor sports and recreational sports to amusement parks, to spas and wellness centers, to acres of parklands, to a variety of nightlife, etc. Then, they factored in the cost of living in those areas. Can't do too much if everything is out of your price range.

According to this study, Yonkers, New York ranked 176th out of 182 areas surveyed when it came to fun and entertainment. So, basically, not very fun, from what these people say.

Yonkers has a population of 211,569 (according to the 2020 Census) and was officially incorporated in 1872. Yonkers does have a number of attractions including Empire City Casino, the Hudson River Museum, the Ridge Hill shopping area, Lenoir Wildlife Preserve, and Untermyer Gardens. They even have indoor skydiving at iFly, or you can check out the Legoland Discovery Center.

As we always say, you have to take studies like this with a grain of salt, considering just what factors they try to use to determine these numbers. The very same website actually named Yonkers as one of the nation's safest big cities to live in in 2019.

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