An enormous watermelon is being grown right here in the Hudson Valley.

Pastor Hugh Farrish may be a man of the cloth, but he's also got one heck of a green thumb. The holy man spends his time giving food to the less fortunate, but there is one item that he's just not going to part with, at least for now.

According to News 12, Farrish has his own farm in Goshen, NY where he grows much of the food that he donates to the needy. This year, aside from the usual fruits and vegetables, the pastor was blessed with a freakishly large watermelon. According to him, the melon has reached 111 pounds.

While that's still pretty far from the current record holder, it's still one heck of a watermelon. The Guinness Book of World Records certified Chris Kent from Sevierville, Tennessee as having the largest watermelon in the world. The fruit weighed in at 350 pounds, setting the record in 2013.

While not the world's largest, the watermelon is still freakishly large. Farish says that when the watermelon ripens he will be happy to share it with his congregation.

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