As more and more places legalize the recreational use of marijuana, other industries are thinking of new ways to profit.

In June 2018, Canada became the second country (Uruguay being the first in 2013) in the world to legalize pot nationwide. The NY Post says that recreational pot will become legal by October, though consumable marijuana won't be legal until 2019.

Now, big beer giant Molson Coors wants to lay their stake in the game. The Post is reporting that the company's Canadian division will team up with another company called Hydropothecary Corporation and produce their own marijuana drink.

The pot infused beverage will be non-alcoholic.

While Coors is the biggest so far to develop their own pot-mixed drinks, they aren't the first. In 2017, Victor, NY's Constellation Brands announced their plans to bottle drinkable nonalcoholic marijuana in Ontario.

In June 2018, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo commissioned a study that would allow adults to consume marijuana recreationally, marking a huge step in legalization in New York state. There are currently nine states in the U.S where recreational pot is legal.