It goes without saying that cooking or using methamphetamine in a home (or anywhere) is extremely dangerous.

Cooking or smoking meth in a residential property not only "contaminates the house", but also the furnishings, and many personal belongings within it, says the National Library of Medicine.  

Police say a house in the Town of Veteran, NY (near Horseheads) exploded recently, which was directly caused by the manufacture of methamphetamine

Sometimes new residents can unknowingly move into a home where meth was once manufactured, leading to many "adverse health effects", states the NLoM. The residual effects of a meth lab can linger for months to even years, according to what UNC Professor Glenn Morrison, PhD, told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Meth Lab Explodes in Upstate New York State

WBNG says part of the residence exploded on March 9 in Chemung County, when a blast occurred inside a detached garage of the house. The Chemung County Sheriff's Office says the manufacturing of meth was the cause of the explosion.

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WNBG reports that the Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division and the New York State Police found an "active one-methamphetamine lab", as well as equipment, and a a quantity of meth.

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A 42-year-old resident of the home "suffered significant burns to his body", says WBNG. Police say that charges are pending.

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Meth labs aren't an issue limited to just rural New York. In 2022, Frank A. Tarentino III, special agent in charge of the DEA NY Division, told The New York Post that, "New York (City) is seeing the sharpest rise in methamphetamine seizures ever recorded."

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