Warmer months encourage more people to head outdoors, which means more time to take in all of New York state's abundant nature and diverse scenery.

This also gives skywatchers and astronomy fans more time to gaze above to the wide open night sky, in hopes they spot something you don't necessarily see everyday. That's exactly what several witnesses were doing early Sunday morning, as an object was reported falling to Earth at a high rate of speed.

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This doesn't appear to be another case of alleged (and more than likely bogus) abduction stories though. But several residents across New York state, including an eye witness in Warwick, claim they saw something else pretty strange a little after one o'clock.

Weird Object Seen Speeding Towards Earth 

The American Meteor Society says they received several reports from across New York of a meteor falling toward Earth early Sunday. The reports described the object as everything from glowing white in color and appearance, to a bluish-green.

Several videos capture the event, including the above security camera footage taken by a resident in Syracuse.

Another video seen below from Northford, Connecticut appears to show a smaller glowing object break off from the parent one.

Why Do The Different Colors of Meteors Mean?

According to AccuWeather Meteorologist Dave Samuhel, "different chemicals in the meteors produce different colors as they burn up while entering the Earth’s atmosphere".
A fireball that turns blue may indicate a meteor rich in magnesium.

AccuWeather says speed is another factor, as blue and other more brilliant colored fireballs mean the object is traveling faster than a fainter one.

Fireballs are defined by the International Astronomical Union as "a meteor brighter than any of the planets". Meteors and fireballs can easily light up the sky, as these fast-moving space rocks often burn up in the upper parts of Earth's atmosphere upon entry.

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