If you missed out on the spectacular Aurora Borealis displays from earlier in May, scientists say you may soon get another opportunity to see them in New York.

The strongest geomagnetic storm in twenty years brought colorful Northern Lights to skies above New York state, all the way down to Florida and beyond. The Auroras turned the night skies a combination of glowing green, red, and pink from May 10 to May 12, as part of a rare G5 geomagnetic storm, according to Space.

TSM Hudson Valley
TSM Hudson Valley

Live Science says the brilliant light show was the result of at least five solar storms that emanated from one huge sunspot, which later disappeared out of view when the Sun rotated. Now, the same active sunspot will rotate back facing Earth, according to scientists.

Will the Auroras Return By Early June? 

The Times Union says the best time to see the next potential Aurora display will be a "few nights before or after June 6", due to the new Moon. However, NOAA's Space Weather Prediction center had said some geomagnetic storms could impact Earth by May 31, albeit in a minor to moderate capacity.

NOAA says the best chance to see the Northern Lights again in New York is Thursday and Friday.

The Sun rotates on its axis once every 27 days, which brings the same active region of the solar surface back within view of Earth.

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It is uncertain if this sunspot region will bring the same level of solar storms and Auroras to the lower latitudes like New York again, though Space.com says recent solar flares show the area is "still capable of producing these more noteworthy events".

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says the Sun's 11-year cycle of solar storms will peak by May 2025, which could make the Northern Lights a more frequent occurrence in states as far south as New York.

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Rare Aurora Flare Puts on Stunning Show in The Hudson Valley

Did you capture the May 11th, 2024 Aurora Solar Flare? We'd love to see your photos! In the meantime check out a few photos captured across the Hudson Valley and Greater Danbury area.