McDonald's has been keeping busy as of late, as the franchise recenlty brought back their Halloween buckets and even have teamed with rival chain Krispy Kreme in certain test markets. Now, the fast food chain plans on bringing back one of their most popular items to stores in the Hudson Valley and nationwide. But will this be the last time we ever see it?

Is This the Last Time We'll See It?

McDonald's posted on their Facebook page that the McRib will return October 31. However, it appears the McRib is only back for a limited time, as they hinted to get "one while you can" and order in the app for delivery or pick up "before you say goodbye" on November 20. They're even calling this The McRib Farewell Tour

Of course, companies like McDonald's often hype these sort of events, and make it sound like the item will be gone for good very soon to create a sense of urgency.

McRib History

Menu items at fast food restaurants seem to come and go. In 2020, McDonald's brought back the McRib to every McDonald's in the country for the first time since 2012. Before that, the limited-time menu item has been rolled only at certain McDonald's locations, making it hard to find for many. The pork sandwich (or, whatever it really is) has appeared on and off at select restaurants since the early 1980s.

Strange Fact

The McRib is a permanent item only at McDonald's restaurants in Germany and Luxembourg. It's been sporadically available from 2006 to 2019 elsewhere, after returning full time from 1989 to 2005. There was even the McRib Jr. in 2000. Maybe now would be the perfect time for this guy to stock pile a bunch of McRibs, and then sell them for profit once they completely disappear from the menu again? Yes, the American dream.

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