The Hudson Valley is on high alert. The McRib sandwich from McDonald's is said to be making a stealth comeback, and it's already been spotted close to the Hudson Valley!

The famed McDonald's sandwich has not seen a national rollout since 2011. This time around USA Today reports that it's going to be released only in specific regions, based on local demand... Although a McDonald's spokesperson did say that this year's release would reach a "good majority" of restaurants.

There is a website specifically dedicated to tracking the McRib. includes an interactive map that shows the latest sightings and helps people locate the nearest McDonald's selling the limited release sandwich. As of Friday, there were already a significant amount of sightings on the east coast. Virgina seems to be the "hot zone" with sandwiches being sold in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Newport News. The closest location to the Hudson Valley is Scranton, PA where a McRib was spotted in the wild on Friday, October 17.

We are tracking all local reports, and encourage you to share any sightings with us.  We will keep you posted at the first sight of a McRib!