A Hudson Valley college basketball coach took his talents to the baseball diamond over the weekend.

Coach Brian Giorgis, the women's head basketball coach at Marist College, took in a baseball game this weekend down at Yankee Stadium, USA Today reports. Coach Giorgis was sitting in the second deck watching as the Yankees were taking on the Cleveland Indians.

Most people hope to catch a foul ball at some point in their life. It must have been Giorgis' lucky day because he caught two foul balls in one game.

Giorgis happens to be a Cleveland Indians fan, which makes this story crazier because both foul balls were hit by Cleveland players.

The first foul ball came in the fifth inning off the bat of Roberto Perez and the next came during the 6th from Edwin Encarnacion. Giorgis tells USA Today, "I stuck my hands up and they were shaking like crazy. It didn't bounce and I brought it right into my chest. My chest still hurts."

Let's hope his luck continues into the 2018-2019 basketball season and see the Lady Red Foxes in the NCAA tournament.

Girogis told the Associated Press, "I'm going to play the lottery when I get home."