Hollywood on the Hudson strikes again! A popular NBC-turned-Netflix show is headed to the Hudson Valley for its final season.

We all know the Hudson Valley has become a popular place for movie and television studios to shoot for their upcoming projects. It's gotten to the point where we even have production companies buying out event spaces for studio space.

HBO, Netflix, HULU and other entertainment companies have been spotted filming around the mid-Hudson region for the last few years. Sounds like Netflix is in the area working on the last season of Manifest.

The New Paltz community was buzzing on social media. Many residents saw tarps covering local trails and roads. After a little research, we found that the Netflix show is filming in the area.

Not only is Manifest filming in the area, it looks like they're casting for Hudson Valley locals as well. Take a look at the Grant Wilfley Casting call posted to Instagram back on September 20th, 2022:

This isn't the first time Manifest had a Hudson Valley twist. In the series premiere of the show in 2018, when it was originally on NBC, Flight 828 landed at Stewart International Airport in Newburgh.

Manifest ran for 3 seasons on NBC and was canceled. The show saw a resurgence in fans and viewers after it was added to Netflix streaming. In a very Netflix-like move, the final season of Manifest will be broken down into 2 parts according to Variety.

Season 4 of Manifest is slated to premiere on Friday, November 4th on Netflix, will you be watching?

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