This latest bit of weird news sounds like it could be the next big country hit single.

Police say a wanted New York state man lead authorities on a rather low speed chase Monday, when he fled the scene on a heavy piece of farm equipment. This wasn't the first time the suspect had fled from police either, according to officials.

However, this brazen suspect was almost able to allegedly escape from officials, from multiple counties, on his big tractor had it not been for some air reinforcements.

How Fast Do Tractors Go? 

While some of the newer tractor models can now reach speeds that "rival conventional vehicles" on the road, most farm tractors travel at around 5 to 25 miles per hour, according to Quora. Again, this can vary by model, but the traditional tractors used mostly for agriculture tend to go pretty slow on the main roads.

They are certainly not designed or meant to outrace police cruisers.

New York State Man Allegedly Tries to Outrun Police On a Tractor 

The Rome Sentinel says that Sheriff’s deputies from Broome and Madison County attempted to serve warrants on a 37-year-old Georgetown man, related to a domestic dispute Monday.

However, instead of cooperating, the suspect jumped on a "large farm tractor that was parked on his property", and allegedly fled away pretty slowly, says The Rome Sentinel. 

This slow pursuit did take a rather dangerous turn though, according to law enforcement. The man allegedly used the bucket of the big piece of farm equipment and hit an armored sheriff’s vehicle head-on, reports the Sentinel.

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The suspect was able to even nearly escape from authorities, as he lead them into a heavily wooded area and hid. Luckily, an Onondaga County Sheriff’s helicopter was able to locate the suspect from above, as he was spotted hiding under a boat off Route 80.

The same suspect had fled officers May 16 when officials first attempted to serve the warrants, but he didn't drive away in a tractor that time, says police.

No one was injured. The suspect is facing multiple charges, and is due in court.

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