A freak accident involving two people was reported at a farm in New York state Thursday morning, as officials say two men fell into a tanker truck carrying waste material. Sadly, both men succumbed to their injuries, according to police and WKTV.

An investigation into the incident that occurred in the village of Clinton, NY is ongoing.

This is the second time in less than a week tragedy struck a farm somewhere in New York, as NBC had previously reported a 28-year-old worker from a dairy farm in Lisbon was killed after being struck multiple times by a cow.

The employee was tending to a newborn calf when the adult cow attacked, according to WPTZ. According to the St. Lawrence County Sheriff's Office, the incident happened Sunday at Flack Farm in North Country.

Two Men Die After Accident On Upstate New York Farm 

The Kirkland Police Department says that two men died late Thursday morning after falling into a manure tanker at Champion Road Farm in the village of Clinton, New York in Oneida County.

The New York Post says the men were two off duty volunteer firefighters. and were working as manure truck drivers.

Authorities say that an initial investigation found that one of the men had tried to "retrieve a piece of equipment that had fallen into the tanker". However police continued, "when the male went to retrieve the equipment, he passed out and fell inside of the tanker."

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WKTV says that the second man tried to get help though he also passed out and fell into the tanker. Both men were rushed to a nearby hospital after being found unconscious in the tanker, where they were pronounced deceased late Thursday morning, says The Rome Sentinel.

The victims have been identified as 33-year-old Nathan Doody from DeRuyter, and 29-year-old Tyler Memory of Tully.

Incidents such as this highlight the dangers of farm work. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics posted by the CDC shows the agriculture industry is "consistently at the highest risk for occupational injuries and fatalities", with 453 fatalities being reported in 2021.

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