Why don't you pick on someone your own size? Police are saying that a suspect robbed a 10-year-old girl who was walking to school Wednesday morning. ABC is reporting that the suspect threatened the young girl and then took her cellphone. Maybe, the one bit of good news here is that the suspect shouldn't be too hard to pick out. According to reports, this scoundrel had quite a distinct looking getaway vehicle.

The NY Post says the alleged thief rode up on a bike and "forcibly" grabbed the girl's cellphone as she was walking on 34th Avenue near 102nd Street. Luckily, the girl only suffered very minor injuries, as she was treated by a school nurse for pain in her hand. So, about this bicycle? Police says the suspect was last seen riding off on a small pink bike covered with white butterflies normally meant for a child.

Police did not say if he has been suspected in any other crimes where he allegedly stole from kids. Perhaps he just has very different taste when it comes to his ride? Perhaps he loves pink? Police released surveillance footage where the the alleged thief can be seen in front of a bodega riding his little pink bicycle.

In other news from the area, police are still in a standoff with a man who's been sitting up in a tree for over a day. NBC says that officials got a call to a dispute in a building in Queens. Sources say the 44-year-old man tried to run from police once they arrived. It was sometime during this pursuit that the suspect climbed the roof of his house. From there, he hoped into a nearby tree where he has stayed for the past 24 hours, according to police.

The negotiation team has reportedly been in contact with the man, though there is no indication if they're making any progress. Police say the man was even able to catch a quick nap or two while up in the tree. They have not indicated if he's had to use the bathroom over the past day. However, neighbors say the man has been able to get into an open upstairs window near the tree, so that may answer that.

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