It was a very special occasion for Lammie Taversano, as the town of Purchase woman celebrated her 100th birthday. Imagine being around that long and seeing that much history go down over the decades.

Her secret for long life? Well, according to Taversano, "Don't drink too much beer!". Well, that sounds like no fun. Don't we like reading the stories about the local man or woman who turns 100, and says their secret to longevity was a shot of something strong a day?

Taversano's family told Hudson Valley 12 that she once worked as a crossing guard and bus driver for the Town of Harrison school district. Her family says she worked during a time when few woman held full time jobs. In fact, her impact on the community over the years has been so great, the Town of Harrison even recognized December 28 as Lammie Taversano Day.

And while her advice may not be what some of us exactly want to hear, she may have a point. After all, it isn't everyday you turn 100 years old. However, all those extra years being sober may be a bit boring for some.

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