You can't go on social media these days and not see a post for a lost pet. It is sad to think how many pets and their humans have to go through the ordeal. This year alone there have been countless pet missing but fortunately, we have a network of organizations that are ready to help. My question is always how do they do it?

Obviously, the idea of losing a pet is upsetting. I find even though it is not my pet I am drawn into the story. I watch to see if the pet is spotted and then hopefully found. I check to see if the animal is missing near me or anyone I know. Most of the time before I see a post one of my friends has already shared it. It is part of the network that seems to have formed in the Hudson Valley to help lost pets and their people reunited.

Organizations that Help Find Lost Pets in the Hudson Valley

Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery via Facebook
Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery via Facebook

The two names that come up constantly on lost pet posts seem to be Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley and Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery. Usually, it goes that someone posts that they lost a pet or have spotted what they believe to be a lost pet. That is when I see most people commenting on the post that they need to be sure to share it on the Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley Facebook page. If the post is about someone searching for a pet you can almost guarantee someone will share the Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery information.

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This was the case I believe for Lola a dog who was recently trapped by Buddha Dog after having been on the run for two weeks. Obviously, I love that this story had a happy ending but what I also love is that Buddha Dog shared their video. I have always wondered how the process worked to get a who is running and scared to end up being successfully caught.

Watch Buddha Dog Video of Lola learning to Trust

Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery Able Reunited Lola in Warwick, New York

Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery is a Non-Profit organization. They are out of Blairstown, New Jersey but have been known to work in New York to help reunite pets and their people. After successfully recovering Lola they put up Lola's story. They were so grateful to the community that came together and helped by allowing Buddha to work on their property.

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That is what I love about following both Buddha Dog and Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley. They are really good at updating the story. Fortunately, there are lots of happy endings like in the case of Lola.

Dog Recovered After 2 Weeks on the Loose in Warwick, New York.

If you can take a moment please like and follow these two organizations. They are doing great work to help the pets in our communities and they can always use our support.

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