If you happen to be a listener of The Boris and Robyn Show, you probably know that I’m not very high tech. In fact, my boyfriend Bobby and I live a pretty simple life. We have flip phones, not smartphones. And my boyfriend has no idea how to use his phone, beyond the basics. We don’t spend a whole bunch of time online, we still listen to CDs, and we have no idea how our smart TV actually works.

But living a simple life is really not that easy. At least not in today’s world. Apparently, we are missing out on a lot. We’re not up on the latest Netflix shows, we don’t have hundreds of videos of ourselves, and we have never posed for selfies unless someone else was taking them. And then they are not selfies. People think we’re crazy when we pull out our flip phones. And if they don’t actually say it out loud, they say it with the looks that they give us. And we don’t really care.

When I first got into radio, we played records, there were no computers, and you were allowed to have a face for radio. Now everything is digital. Your face is plastered all over the internet, and all of our work is done on a computer. Facebook and Instagram are requirements in this industry.

I realize that my life would be much easier if I broke down and got a smartphone, Netflix and all of those other gadgets made to help us through the day. But you know what? I’m not looking for easy, I’m looking for simple. I think I got it, but boy, is it hard.

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