A gentleman's club in New York state is temporarily closing its doors after a lawsuit filed by three women in early 2020. One of the women is former Baywatch actress and model Carmen Electra. The three plaintiffs claimed in their suit that the club used their photos without their permission in what the Times Union referred to as "racy social media advertisements". The club recently lost the suit, and now they're shutting down, according to WNYT.

Girls, Girls, Girls

DiCarlo's Gentlemen's Club, which had been open in Colonie, NY for nearly 30 years, said on their Facebook page that they are temporarily shutting down at the close of business on June, 25. The post said that the club can not renew its insurance or find a new carrier. Electra and two other actresses/models had sued the establishment in early 2020 for stealing their images and altering them to make it look like they worked at the establishment. Looks like no one will be making it rain down at this club for some time.

It is not yet known when or if the club will reopen.


Maybe They Can Go Here Instead?

Police are saying that a 34-year-old suspect robbed a Capitol area Taco Bell and then was later caught at a nearby strip club. WNYT reports that the Watervlie man went to the Taco Bell in early 2020 and asked for change. When the cashier wasn't able to come up with the money, the man allegedly became demanding. That's when officials say the man pulled the cash register off the counter and even threatened to kill the employee who was working there.

WNYT says that the man escaped the restaurant with $340. But it wasn't tacos and chalupas the suspect might have been craving. According to police, the man then ran across the street to an adult club called Nite Moves in Latham. Either the man was hoping the darkly lit club would provide a good hideout, or maybe he was looking to spend some of that Taco Bell cash?

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CBS says that the man was charged with felony robbery and criminal mischief as well as misdemeanor petit larceny. It was never revealed if he ever got a lap dance out of this.

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