Kingston New York has always been a destination for travelers. Its rich history will tell that story. Having been the first capital of New York State, Kingston has an amazing history. Not only was it a state capital but it was also a great port. Kingston's location on the Hudson River with the Rondout creek made it the gateway for one end of the D & H Canal.

Modern-day Kingston is proud of its history and happy to have many thriving communities that draw people to the area to visit and enjoy not just the waterfront, but also Uptown Kingston where you find the Stockade District. Kingston also offers easy access to day-tripping into the Catskills for hiking, kayaking, and other eco-tourism opportunities.

Airbnbs in Kingston, New York Close to Restaurants and Shopping

With all that the Kingston Area has to offer, from art to dining to shopping to hiking, it should be no surprise that there are plenty of Airbnbs available for your stay. I found 5 that offer a piece of Kingston's rich historic architecture and history but they are also within walking distance to all types of fun modern activities.

PC: Airbnb Host Tara
PC: Airbnb Host Tara

The DeMew Townhouse in Historic Kingston with host Tara offers the opportunity to stay in a famous piece of Kingston Real estate. Host Tom offers a piece of Mid-town Kingston with his Broadway Historic Kingston Airbnb. Host Jed will transport your back to the 1700s with his 1735 Stone Colonial in the stockade district.

Take a look at all five and decide how you would like to spend a weekend in Kingston the first capital of New York State

Five Kingston Airbnb's that are Close to all Kingston has to offer.

Kingston Airbnb's in Walking Distance to Fun

We went looking and look what we found on Airbnb. These 5 places to stay in New York's first capital Kingston New York. Pick downtown, uptown, or someplace in the middle. They all have lots to offer for out-of-town guests or your own staycation.