Going back to the 1960s, there have been six different eyewitness accounts of what was described as a "floating, blob-like creature" in the woods of Kinderhook, New York. There was even a sighting as recently as 2017.

The first encounter was reported by a 10-year-old boy, Bruce Hallenbeck, who was playing in the woods with his 7-year-old cousin.

When I was 10 years old (1962) I was up in the woods behind our house with my cousin Chari, who was then age seven. We both heard this really high-pitched whistle noise.

Hallenbeck said they went looking for the source of the sound, and eventually spotted what looked to be a white, formless figure that seemed to leer at them, although "it had no eyes that I could see."

Hallenbeck said the two youths quickly ran back to their house.


A couple years went by without any new encounters. But then an unnamed man spotted something similar when he was hiking through the woods, saying a "big white blob" was floating toward him. He was reportedly so frightened that he jumped a pond that was 6 feet across.

The man returned looking for the creature with a skeptical friend, and this time both were armed with shovels and pitchforks. When they both saw it again, they were so startled that they dropped their weapons and went running.


The most recent encounter was in 2017 when Kinderhook residents Owen Farley and Anthony Malanowski spotted the "blob" on a walk. The two men said there was a noticeable drop in temperature directly before the sighting, followed by a high-pitched screech. They described "a white blob, around 7 ft. tall" coming out of the woods and floating towards them. Both men understandably ran away.

Who knows what's prowling around the woods of Kinderhook, New York. Blob man? Ghost? We may never know.

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