Even though I am an allergy sufferer I still love this time of year in the Hudson Valley. Tree pollen can be a real drag if you are allergic to it but you have to admit the blooming fruit trees are amazing.

Most of our Hudson Valley farms that grow tree fruit are getting ready for the trees to be in full bloom. Once they are the next thing you will notice is all the bees. I love the buzz of the honey bees.

It is Hudson Valley Honey Bee Time

In the past, the weeping cherry tree I have in my front yard has attracted a swarm but this year the tree must have bloomed too early and too fast. It was as if the buds were blooms overnight and then they were gone. I also think that my neighborhood honeybees may be gone.

Dressel Farms via Facebook
Dressel Farms via Facebook

Keeping an eye on the trees blooming is part of what our orchard farmers do this time of year. They want to make sure they are watching for the perfect time to "release the bees".

Dressel Farm in New Paltz shared today that they have had their bees arrive.

Keeping an eye on the orchard and knowing the right time to bring in the bees is a big part of what makes orchards and farms like Dressel's so successful at what they do. It takes a lot of expertise to be able to keep up with Mother Nature and all she can throw at us.

Dressel Farms via Facebook
Dressel Farms via Facebook

You may recall last year we got a late freeze which resulted in many orchards losing a large part of their crop. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Mother Nature is done with the cold and let's bring on the bees.

Why Do Orchards Bring in Bee Hives

According to the USDA, honey bees pollinate $15 Billion worth of crops each year. The bees are responsible for pollination which ultimately leads to fruit growing on the trees. The reason farmers bring in hives is to ensure that plenty of pollination takes place.

In recent years the honey bee population has declined and to ensure all the blooms get covered bee hives are brought in to fill out the bee population.

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And When All is Said and Done We have Hudson Valley Honey

Hudson Valley Honey Makers

We ask the Hudson Valley where they like to get their honey and they gave us all these selections. Hopefully, we have included your favorite. If we miss one let us know so we can add them to the list. Local honey is good food and good for you and we want to make sure you can get honey that is made close to where you live in New York.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn