If you use an E-Z Pass to pay the tolls you incur while driving in New York State be aware that doing this could lead to a hefty fine.

Here is a perfect example of learning something the hard way for one New York driver! The driver, who asked to remain anonymous told us that after driving up and down the New York State Thruway for a few weeks using his E-Z Pass to pay the tolls each time he exited, he's been notified that he's been doing it all wrong and could be fined.


Using E-Z Pass This Way Could Lead to Hefty Fine

The driver explained that for the last couple of weeks, he's been using the E-Z Pass from his work truck in his car, and according to E-Z Pass that's not allowed.

He said he was notified by his company that if he continues to use the E-Z Pass he's used the last couple of weeks to pay his tolls, he could be on the receiving end of a $100 fine.

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Sharing an E-Z Pass in New York

If you plan to share an E-Z Pass in New York there are a few things drivers should be aware of. The most important is that you CAN share an E-Z Pass with different cars as long as the vehicles are in the same vehicle class according to E-Z Pass.

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E-Z Pass allows 4 tags per individual account.

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For example, if your partner owns a commercial vehicle (van, truck, etc...) and has an E-Z Pass tag specifically for that vehicle you CAN NOT use that same tag in your passenger vehicle.

If you use the tag out of class you may incur administrative fees of up to $100 for each offense and could be asked to "surrender" the tag according to E-ZPass. If the tag misuse continues E-Z Pass could revoke your account. To sign up for E-Z Pass or to look at other toll-paying options available in New York check out E-Z Pass online.

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